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Adoption Policies, Procedures, and Applications

The Connecticut Parrot Society (CPS) helps residents of Connecticut with the placement of companion birds. If you need to place your bird, we request that your bird remain with you while we list the bird for adoption on this Web site and in our newsletter.

If you need to relinquish your bird, or wish to adopt a bird, please review our Adoption Policies and Procedures, and contact the CPS adoption chairperson by phone to discuss the process.

We are not a parrot rescue or sanctuary; thus, we cannot accept emergency placement on a regular basis. Our foster care housing is limited, and if we do not have available foster homes, we may need to refer emergency placement to other clubs or rescues in the surrounding area. We are in great need of foster homes for some of the birds we are receiving into the adoption program. If you are a CPS member and can help provide foster care, please review the Foster Care Policies and Procedures, and contact the adoption chairperson to discuss the process.

Foster Care Application

CPS’ Adoption Application requires a non-refundable application fee of $35.00 for CPS members and $50.00 for non-members to CPS. Approved adoption applications will remain on file with CPS for up to six months, or until a bird is adopted, whichever comes first. There is a non-refundable $20.00 processing fee to relinquish a bird.

Relinquishment Form

Please note: Non-members may adopt only after a bird has been in the program for 30 days. You must be at least 21 years old to be eligible to adopt through CPS.

Questions about the CPS adoption program or any form listed above should be directed to the following:

  • Sharon Presner CPS adoption chairperson at 203-640-8641
Thank you for your interest!

Birds Available for Adoption

Multiple Birds - 9/27/2016

Sammy and Barry - 9/27/2016
Sammy and Barry - 9/27/2016

The following two parrots are being surrendered by the same owner:

Sammy and Strawberry (Barry) must be adopted together. They are two bonded male macaws, who are caged together and are inseparable. Sammy is a Blue and Gold Macaw about 30 years old. Strawberry is a Scarlet Macaw about 20 years old. Sammy is apparently wild-caught from the jungle. Their current owner adopted them both about five years ago from a parrot rescue in NY State (now relocated to NJ). Sammy is missing a toe, and has a one short wing. Strawberry has mild-to-moderate plucking of his chest feathers. He hasn’t destroyed the follicles because they are constantly trying to grow in. At one point, he appeared cured but started plucking again. Their owner regrets he had been unable to work with them more, but they are not always easily handled. Strawberry was apparently abused at some point by previous owners, and he has given a few good bites. Other times,the owner has been able to get him to step up on his hand and even given him a kiss! Sammy is the dominant of the pair and overall more tame. Both delight in crawling under their cage and then charging at the owner’s feet when he walks by. It’s all in fun, but best to wear hard shoes! Both birds have potential to make excellent companions with the right person. Strawberry’s plucking could improve, too, because the owner has started to see improvement. Strawberry will dance for you if you crank up the volume on a song with a good beat.

All these parrots are fed primarily pellets, currently ZuPreem fruit blend, supplemented with fruit, some vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Clean water is provided at least twice a day. Theybathe by being sprayed in their cages. They have their own room, a light-filled, all-glass conservatory, which stays dark whenever the sun goes down. Their cages are no longer covered at night. They have plenty to look at outside, and like to listen to the radio a few hours a day.

All have good-sized cages; the macaw cages are huge. Please contact Barbara Cosgrove at 860-621-5790.