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Adoption Policies, Procedures, and Applications

The Connecticut Parrot Society (CPS) helps residents of Connecticut with the placement of companion birds. If you need to place your bird, we request that your bird remain with you while we list the bird for adoption on this Web site and in our newsletter.

If you need to relinquish your bird, or wish to adopt a bird, please review our Adoption Policies and Procedures, and contact the CPS adoption chairperson by phone to discuss the process.

We are not a parrot rescue or sanctuary; thus, we cannot accept emergency placement on a regular basis. Our foster care housing is limited, and if we do not have available foster homes, we may need to refer emergency placement to other clubs or rescues in the surrounding area. We are in great need of foster homes for some of the birds we are receiving into the adoption program. If you are a CPS member and can help provide foster care, please review the Foster Care Policies and Procedures, and contact the adoption chairperson to discuss the process.

Foster Care Application

CPS’ Adoption Application requires a non-refundable application fee of $35.00 for CPS members and $50.00 for non-members to CPS. Approved adoption applications will remain on file with CPS for up to six months, or until a bird is adopted, whichever comes first. There is a non-refundable $20.00 processing fee to relinquish a bird.

Relinquishment Form

Please note: Non-members may adopt only after a bird has been in the program for 30 days. You must be at least 21 years old to be eligible to adopt through CPS.

Questions about the CPS adoption program or any form listed above should be directed to the following:

  • Karen Smith CPS adoption chairperson at 860-559-7995
Thank you for your interest!

Birds Available for Adoption

Tweety - 4/23/2015

Tweety - 4/23/2015
Tweety - 4/23/2015

Tweety is a sweet but lonely 12-year-old female Blue and Gold Macaw in need of a new home. Tweety has lived with the same family all her life, but her favorite, the oldest daughter, is moving into a new home of her own and no longer has time for her. As a result, Tweety has developed a plucking habit, which has left her with bare skin on her shoulders and abdomen. Tweety has many vocalizations, enjoys time out of her cage, and knows the names of all her family members. However, without her favorite, she has become very distressed and has shown even less interest in interacting with the others. A recent veterinary exam confirmed that there are no medical issues and that she is just in need of more companionship. During our visit, she was curious but very cautious, and did not want to step out of her cage. However, she gave kisses to the wife through the bars of her cage, and seemed to really enjoy the attention we gave her. Tweety will steal the heart of a knowledgeable, patient owner, and will be well worth the effort to get her back on track. She is on a seed-mix diet with fruits and vegetables, and will come with her cage.