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Board of Directors - 2022

Elected Officers and Standing Committee Chairpersons

President Sharon Presner
Vice President Michael Ferraiolo
Myra Kreiman Kijek
Treasurer Richard Presner
Past President Robert Cosgrove

Adoption Sharon Presner
Adoption Co-Chair Veronica Winchell
Conservation Cornell Bialicki
Membership To Be Determined
Merchandising Jessica El-Beck
Newsletter Editor * Elizabeth Douglas
Outreach and Education Bridget Moran
Program (Acting) Sharon Presner
Publicity Crystal Gagnon
Tim Kenney

American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) Positions

CT State Coordinator Sharon Presner
CPS Delegate to AFA (1) Margaret Weber
CPS Delegate to AFA (2) Veronica Winchell    
CPS Avian Medical Consultant Dr. Ann Bourke, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian

* Also serves as CPS Historian