The Connecticut Parrot Society

"People for Parrots!"

Program Calendar

The CPS events are available in a calendar format.

The public is welcome to attend programs as guests. The first meeting is free; subsequent visits are $5 each.

January 4

Meeting canceled due to inclement weather

February 1

"Avian Program & Conservation"
Jim Knox, CT Beardsley Zoo

March 1

"Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard Gardens"
Jayne Neville, Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary

March 24

Featherfest 2018

Featherfest Flyer for 2018

April 5

"Parrot Toy-Making Workshop"
Bernadette Rioux

May 3

"Living with Multiple Birds"
Bob & Barbara Cosgrove

June 7

"Parrots for Peace"
Gloria Waslyn


No meeting - Summer Vacation


No meeting - Summer Vacation

September 6

12th Anniversary Party!
"Re-establishing Trust & Maintaining Harmony between Bird & Family"
Concetta Ferragamo

October 4

"Birds of Galapagos & Everglades"
Bert Sirkin

November 1

Dr. Julia Shakeri

December 6

Holiday Party

January 5

"Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy"
Ben Sonnenberg
Director of Environmental Education

February 2

"Parrot Behavior Issues - Q&A"
Anthony DiBella

March 2

"Routine Diagnostic Testing: The Why's and How's"
Dr. Kristen Sinclair, DVM

March 25

Featherfest 2017

Featherfest Flyer for 2017

April 6

"Super Psittacines: A Fun Look At The Inner Workings of Parrots"
Michele Parrett

May 4

Ice Cream Social

  • Share your bird stories
  • Make your own sundaes
  • Wing and nail clipping

June 1

"What it is Like Being an Exotics/Bird Veterinarian"
Laurie Hess, DVM, AVBP


No meeting - Summer Vacation


No meeting - Summer Vacation

September 7

"Unlikely Companions" book review with Dr. Hess
AVA Convention 2017 update on PDD, (Proventicular Dilation Disease) by Dr. Marino
Dr. Laurie Hess and Dr. Amanda Marino

October 5

"Reiki for Parrots"
Mary Oquendo, Proprietor, "Hands and Paws Reiki"

November 2

"Creating a Care Guide for Your Parrot & Tips for Emergency Preparedness"
Sharon Presner, CPS Adoption Chairperson

December 7

Holiday Party