The Connecticut Parrot Society

"People for Parrots!"

Program Calendar

The CPS events are available in a calendar format.

The public is welcome to attend programs as guests. The first meeting is free; subsequent visits are $5 each.

January 5

"Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy"
Ben Sonnenberg
Director of Environmental Education

February 2

"Parrot Behavior Issues - Q&A"
Anthony DiBella

March 2

"Routine Diagnostic Testing: The Why's and How's"
Dr. Kristen Sinclair, DVM

March 25

Featherfest 2017

Featherfest Flyer for 2017

April 6


May 4


June 1



No meeting - Summer Vacation


No meeting - Summer Vacation

September 7


October 5


November 2


December 7

Holiday Party

January 7

"Love Those Poicephalus Parrots: A Basic Introduction"
Bob Cosgrove, CPS President
Barbara Cosgrove, CPS Outreach/Education Chairperson

February 4

"Planning for Your Bird’s Future: Insights In to CPS' Adoption Experiences"
Karen Smith, CPS Adoption Chairperson

March 3

"The Importance of Social Support for Parrots"
Michele Parrett, Humane Educator Director, Foster Parrots Inc.

March 19

Featherfest 2016

Featherfest Flyer for 2016

April 7

"Emergency Bird Care"
Kristin Sinclair, DVM, DABVP Kensington Bird and Animal Hospital

May 5

"Raptor Rehabilitation"
Mary-Beth Kaesar, Horizon Wings

June 2

"Everything You Should Know About Parrot Beaks"
Ann M. Bourke, DVM, DABVP Northeast Bird Clinic


No meeting - Summer Vacation


No meeting - Summer Vacation

September 1

"All Birds Are Not Created Equal"
Robin Shewokis, Avian Enrichment Specialist

October 6

"The Fun, Joy, and Reward of Clicker Training for Your Parrot and You"
Anthony DiBella, Certified Avian Specialist

November 3

"Toy Rehabilitation/Making Workshop"
Concetta Ferragamo, Northeast Regional Director, AFA

December 1

Holiday Party

January 8

"Connecticut Birds"
Ned Hurle

February 5

"Parrot Artwork"
Michael DiGiorgio, an artist who paints wild and domestic birds, will talk about his evolution as a bird painter and will bring parrot paintings for purchase.

March 5

"Horizon Wings"
Mary-Beth Kaiser

March 21

Featherfest 2015

Featherfest Flyer for 2015

April 2


May 7

Nick Tibero - Director of the Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy

June 4

"Ultimate Cage Challenge and Toy Rehab UPDATE"
Concetta Ferragamo - AFA Northeast Coordinator


No meeting - Summer Vacation


No meeting - Summer Vacation

September 3

Anthony Dibella

October 1

Erica Collins
Lazicki Bird House and Rescue

November 5

"Parrot Behaviors"

December 3

Holiday Party