The Connecticut Parrot Society

"People for Parrots!"

2014 Program Calendar

The CPS events are available in a calendar format.

The public is welcome to attend programs as guests. The first meeting is free; subsequent visits are $5 each.

January 9

"Birdie Jeopardy!"
Timothee Graze and Nancy Eno

February 6

"Building a Better Diet"
Anthony DiBella
Certified Avian Specialist

March 6

"Bird Pediatrics"
Kristin Sinclair, DVM, ABVP-avian

March 22

Featherfest 2014

Featherfest Flyer for 2014

April 3

"How to Have a Loving and Well-Behaved Parrot"
Michael Sazhin, The Parrot Wizard (

May 1

"Foster Parrots Ltd.: A Parrot Sanctuary"
Mark Johnson and Karen Windsor, founders and curators

June 5

"Disaster Preparedness and Get Your Bird Back"
Robin Shewokis, avian enrichment specialist


No meeting - Summer Vacation


No meeting - Summer Vacation

September 4

"The Social and Health Benefits of Parrot Ownership"
Lanette Raymond, Ph.D.; President, LIPS

October 2

"Preventing Avian Disease With Good Nutrition"
Jessica Grodio, DVM, South Wilton Vet. Group

November 6

"Re-establishing Trust and Living With The Rehomed Parrot"
Concetta Ferragamo, northeast regional director to AFA

December 4

Holiday Party